Rey Fahd Mosque, Centro Cultural Islámico Rey Fahd, Buenos Aires Argentine

Rey Fahd Mosque, Buenos Aires Argentina

Centro Cultural Islámico Rey Fahd, Buenos Aires

Rey Fahd Mosque and the tomb of Evita Peron did the iconic city, Buenos Aires, Argentine. Two places were used as tourist attractions in Buenos Aires, “said Fernando, a young Argentine who became the mosque committee.

With a land area of 38 thousand square meters (3.8 acres) and building area of 25 thousand square meters (2.5 hectares), the mosque’s attention since the first was built in 1998.

In fact, the development process could reap the mosque controversy. Local residents protested the policy at that time president of Argentina, Carlos Saul Menem. Therefore, the number one in the City of Arab descent Tango (Syria) is what gave the land to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to dibanguni giant mosque.

President of Argentina 1989-1995 and 1995-1999 periods are reasonable, it is worthy of the land given to the monarchy guard two Muslim holy land. In addition to the relationship between the two countries have a strong cooperation in the field of trade, King Fahd also provides a good building to be Argentina embassy in Saudi Arabia.

Just a note, before Carlos Menem has the Islamic faith. He moved to the Catholic religion ahead of presidential elections in the late 1980s. Argentina’s constitution when it requires the president should be a Catholic. Unlike Menem, his wife, Zulema Yoma Fatima, who was bleeding Syria, chose to remain Muslims.

Public and to associate the origins ngaitkan Menem Muslim mosque near the development process. 1930-born lawyer was also not lost his mind to deny it. He argued, the land “diwakafkan” for the mosque was the land useless. Therefore, the land before it became waste disposal center for the people of Buenos Aires.

Source : Pontianak Post and others

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